Jun. 12th, 2013

theresa_ramseyer: (Default)
I had a page up on my cell from last night, and after pulling it up on my computer, went to the home page on the cell to check the weather, a couple of my rss feeds, etc.

Got a lousy shock. Without ever letting me know what they were going to do, ATT and Yahoo wrecked my home page, and there is no way to go back. All my RSS feeds and my bookmarks are completely gone. There are a multitude of things added that I don't need or want, with no ability to make changes, whether deleting or moving them. Looks like all my cookies were lost too.

I double checked my email, in case I missed an alert or email or something. Absolutely nothing.

I usually clear out my bookmarks every night and write them down in a notebook; I've had a cell phone break unexpectedly. Unfortunately I've skipped that for a couple of days, now I wish I hadn't.

Having some warning would have been nice.

Maybe it's not only time to go looking at/researching new phones, but
a new company as well.

I'm angry.

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