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I ended up with 14042 words for Nano :).

However, I can't find anything organized and current for DecNoWriMo. Not DecEdMo.

I have a tendency to put my writing last, and I am losing my momentum from NanoWriMo. I have stories and scenes in my head, just not on paper or onscreen :(.

I hear of people doing personal DecNoWriMos and ones from last year and before, but there doesn't seem to be any organized group that is doing it this year.

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Hi :).

Had a wonderful thanksgiving. Saw my cousin and her husband, whom we get to sit down and have a good chat with once a year on turkey day. Nice dinner and a lovely visit. Then last night there was a raccoon - possibly preggers - at our back door chowing down on the outside kitty's food. We have had possums several times in the past, but rarely a raccoon, and the river is at least a half-mile from here.

Yesterday I started with 10673 words in Nanowrimo. I wrote some in the car going back and forth, but haven't typed them in yet. I don't know if I'll win, but this is already many more words than I've ever written before for Nanowrimo, so I'm happy. Still going to see how much I can plug in this week!
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