Mar. 23rd, 2015 10:01 am
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I'm going to use some of this journal as accountability from now on, just to warn you :).

2015 has sucked so far. My precious sweet Heidi passed away in late January, and our older inside cat, Gizzy, Mom's baby, passed on the 15th of this month, the day after Mom's birthday. Heidi's death has shoved me off-kilter. I have struggled with time management and goal setting and other like things before, but her passing seems to have just opened the floodgates and destroyed most of the coping skills/techniques I had in place. I think it was the structure she helped me set. For example, I had to get up and feed and take care of her, instead of sleeping in because I really had no other reason to get up. Whatever the case, I'm struggling to get back in gear and to move forward.

To that end, I have to report that I did no writing at all yesterday. I did put together an outline, expanding a scene I wrote several years ago into a possible story. I've made a goal to have all my current UFS's (unfinished stories) and promised stories as of this past weekend, finished by 1/1/17. There are tons of them. I am not sure if I can reach this goal, but at the very least, if I don't falter, I will be much further along on that date, and be quite a bit stronger with a habit of finishing.

I also did not do any cleaning or work on my Sunday School lesson for next week. Nor did I clean out my inbox, or even look at my music that I have very wrongly laid aside for 2 weeks. I am going to be very embarrassed tonight.

I did not set my alarm, and so got up late this morning. I have got to get back into an early morning wake up, especially if I ever get to work mornings or a full-time job again. I also need to make this a daily habit.

This morning I taped my deadline poster board to a wall here by my computer. I know I have much to add to it, but at least it's visible. It's organized by days, and big enough I can write on easily, unlike paper, so I'll see how this week goes. There are several things on the goal list for today.

Tomorrow, I plan on a better report.

Take care,


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