Oct. 18th, 2016

theresa_ramseyer: (Default)
I apologize for not being around this year - I had plans...

Unfortunately, my computer's motherboard has died, enough that I'm afraid it won't boot again. Plus, my father managed to break both hips this year. One in February, the other in August. I am now the family driver. Other things make it unlikely that I will get another computer until probably sometime in the middle of next year.

I am using the computer at the library, but have no idea (and so am not making promises) when I can be here. I've tried posting from my phone, and that didn't work. I'll try again, but a small screen and tiny buttons don't always work well with big fingers. I hope it'll work; I miss reading my inbox.

I am especially sorry to those that I've missed birthdays, etc.

I have started writing again, which is a plus.

I will be back. Looking forward to 2017, it's got to be calmer than this year has been!

Take care,
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