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Goodbye to my 1999 Ford Escort SE :( - and sorry that I haven't posted for awhile.

Unfortunately, Dad and I were going down Maiden Lane on the 25th when a woman in a 2001 Dodge Ram pickup truck didn't see us, and pulled straight across the road from Sonic in front of us. Dad was driving and threw on the brakes, but it just wasn't to be.

Truck was barely scratched, cosmetic damage, my car was totaled. Hit the front passenger side, where I was. Went slightly under the truck.

Humans are fine, sore and shook up are all.

My car is my baby and my independence, so I'm missing her more than a little. So now we're back to one car, Mom & Dad's. There's a story/history behind us and that car, it still needs work and is not very reliable. My car was definitely the better of the two.

Not looking forward to sharing again. I love my folks dearly, but their schedules/wants/needs and mine don't always coincide, and I'm afraid to drive their car. Their transmission doesn't like to go after a stop, unless it's put in their lowest gear, and then shifted up after moving again. No one seems to be able to figure out why, but it scares me.

Our most trustworthy mechanic and friend died a few years ago. He was the one who made my girl almost brand new. Anyone know any real zombie rising chants?

I finally learned Photobucket's new format enough to get the pictures uploaded. I like the old version much better! If I have fixed this link right, the pictures are here:

Last Friday, we got a check from Progressive for more than we thought we were going to get. They were nice and professional .


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