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2017-10-03 12:16 pm

Hello World :)

Still checking in and reading, more through email than being here.

I can reach some of the website on my phone, but not very much. Google doesn't seem to like LJ very much, or Dreamwidth or Insane Journal :(. I'm not happy about that.

I try to be at the library at least once a week. I've been cutting several things out, and will be getting back on track.

Have a good week!

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2016-10-18 05:38 pm

I Ain't Dead - (Yay for Terry Pratchett)

I apologize for not being around this year - I had plans...

Unfortunately, my computer's motherboard has died, enough that I'm afraid it won't boot again. Plus, my father managed to break both hips this year. One in February, the other in August. I am now the family driver. Other things make it unlikely that I will get another computer until probably sometime in the middle of next year.

I am using the computer at the library, but have no idea (and so am not making promises) when I can be here. I've tried posting from my phone, and that didn't work. I'll try again, but a small screen and tiny buttons don't always work well with big fingers. I hope it'll work; I miss reading my inbox.

I am especially sorry to those that I've missed birthdays, etc.

I have started writing again, which is a plus.

I will be back. Looking forward to 2017, it's got to be calmer than this year has been!

Take care,
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2016-03-02 08:25 pm

Hello - and apologies

I promised I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth. :)

My Dad fell and broke his hip last month on the 6th. Mom and I have been scrambling since then, and we're not going to stop for a few more days. He's coming home tomorrow, only because insurance is kicking him out of the care facility. He can walk 500 feet with a walker, so he's perfect, so they claim. NOT. Good thoughts and prayers would be appreciated. He's coming home with a walker and pain pills, and weakness and pain. Stupid insurance. It doesn't want to pay for home health or outpatient care either. The Social Services worker (great lady) is trying to convince them otherwise --- wish her luck, please!

I am also now the family chauffeur. Dad has to wait 6 months and then be tested before he can drive again. Driving is very important to him, so we're keeping our fingers and toes crossed that the healing and testing go well. We'll see.

So basically, this is just to say, "hi!" and "I'm alive," and should be back, and I'll be more active here once things smooth out a littel

Take care,
Theresa :)
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2016-01-06 11:00 pm

“With our own eyes we see” prompt from WriYe DreamWidth 1/3/2016

This scene was inspired by the WriYe prompt “With our own eyes we see," on 1/3/16. It's a bit dark, in my opinion, and is from an Equalizer fanfic idea that I'm not sure I'm going to keep exploring. Only the "It" is mine, character wise.

My brain is dead on grammar at the moment. Is the third sentence in the first paragraph written correctly? I've been arguing with myself if the "I" in each it's should really be capitalized. Shows possessiveness, as if saying Robert's gun, so I am leaning towards good. Doesn't look right though.

I don't really have a beta. I am always looking to improve!


Deep underground, the thick, clear protective walls slammed shut around inside of the almost empty hospital room. The body that had been Control's wife rose from the floor, looked around, and then slammed repeatedly against them, searching for a way out. It bared It's teeth and rolled It's eyes as It clawed at the smooth surface.

On the outside, Robert jumped back in reflex, though the other man stayed in place, observing with an almost disinterested air. He turned, then walked back to the console, behind the nurses' station, and flicked a switch.

Unearthly howls filled the air, alternating with panting and thuds as the thing beat against the glass. Robert covered his ears, still staring in mortified fascination at what had been his best friend's wife and his own good friend for many years.

Seeing his movement, It stopped and focused on him. The mouth closed. It swallowed twice. It licked it's lips, and then stretched them impossibly thin in a raw parody of the smile Robert had seen a thousand times. No howl, but a strong, sibilant hiss filled the air. The sound dropped into a growl, then rose again, as if the thing was playing with the body, learning it's limitations.

Robert dropped his hands.

It nodded.

"With our own eyes we see," It forced out. "Who do you see?" It began laughing hysterically.

"Nothing." answered the man behind the counter. He switched off the sound, then flicked another switch, and a heavy soundproof curtain drew slowly over the windows.

"Dear God." Robert said.

"Do you understand why my brother must never get even the idea that his wife's body is alive?"

"She has a name!"

"No. It doesn't. Teri is dead, McCall. That's not her, and never will be again."

They stared at each other for a long time. Finally Robert turned away and left, his shoulders slumped as he accepted the burden of making sure Control never found what he'd watched that evening.
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2015-03-23 10:01 am
Entry tags:


I'm going to use some of this journal as accountability from now on, just to warn you :).

2015 has sucked so far. My precious sweet Heidi passed away in late January, and our older inside cat, Gizzy, Mom's baby, passed on the 15th of this month, the day after Mom's birthday. Heidi's death has shoved me off-kilter. I have struggled with time management and goal setting and other like things before, but her passing seems to have just opened the floodgates and destroyed most of the coping skills/techniques I had in place. I think it was the structure she helped me set. For example, I had to get up and feed and take care of her, instead of sleeping in because I really had no other reason to get up. Whatever the case, I'm struggling to get back in gear and to move forward.

To that end, I have to report that I did no writing at all yesterday. I did put together an outline, expanding a scene I wrote several years ago into a possible story. I've made a goal to have all my current UFS's (unfinished stories) and promised stories as of this past weekend, finished by 1/1/17. There are tons of them. I am not sure if I can reach this goal, but at the very least, if I don't falter, I will be much further along on that date, and be quite a bit stronger with a habit of finishing.

I also did not do any cleaning or work on my Sunday School lesson for next week. Nor did I clean out my inbox, or even look at my music that I have very wrongly laid aside for 2 weeks. I am going to be very embarrassed tonight.

I did not set my alarm, and so got up late this morning. I have got to get back into an early morning wake up, especially if I ever get to work mornings or a full-time job again. I also need to make this a daily habit.

This morning I taped my deadline poster board to a wall here by my computer. I know I have much to add to it, but at least it's visible. It's organized by days, and big enough I can write on easily, unlike paper, so I'll see how this week goes. There are several things on the goal list for today.

Tomorrow, I plan on a better report.

Take care,
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2013-06-12 06:01 pm
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ATT cell users - go check your phones

I had a page up on my cell from last night, and after pulling it up on my computer, went to the home page on the cell to check the weather, a couple of my rss feeds, etc.

Got a lousy shock. Without ever letting me know what they were going to do, ATT and Yahoo wrecked my home page, and there is no way to go back. All my RSS feeds and my bookmarks are completely gone. There are a multitude of things added that I don't need or want, with no ability to make changes, whether deleting or moving them. Looks like all my cookies were lost too.

I double checked my email, in case I missed an alert or email or something. Absolutely nothing.

I usually clear out my bookmarks every night and write them down in a notebook; I've had a cell phone break unexpectedly. Unfortunately I've skipped that for a couple of days, now I wish I hadn't.

Having some warning would have been nice.

Maybe it's not only time to go looking at/researching new phones, but
a new company as well.

I'm angry.

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2013-03-29 11:45 pm

Really sad about Goodreads being bought by Amazon


I liked Goodreads. Am not a big Amazon fan, sort of a necessary evil at times. I am being cautious right now and exploring elsewhere. Sort of a "wait and see," although that may change if a few groups go elsewhere.
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2013-03-23 07:06 pm

(no subject)

Signal boosting from Tamora Pierce's Live Journal entry of March 21st,

Today I got the following e-mail from a fan that made my blood boil. I'm asking you to help if you can and definitely, definitely boost the signal so we can lobby the school and call the cowards out. (And yes, I have Kata's permission to quote her mail in full!) Remember, when it comes to donations, even $5.00 is $5.00 more than they had, and signatures and signal boosts are just as powerful. Thanks, folks.
With all the news recently about the rapes in Steubenville, I’ve been thinking a lot about what we can do as a society to try to attempt to stop things like this from happening again. One thing that I feel is needed is sex education for all.

Unfortunately, something has happened recently that is preventing me and many of those around me from receiving this education.

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2013-02-21 01:50 pm

EQ Terminator (setting) AU - August 29, 1997

(Character death warning.)

August 29, 1997

He'd wanted his girls to be proud of him, just one more time.

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2013-02-02 06:29 pm
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Goodbye to my 1999 Ford Escort SE :(.

Goodbye to my 1999 Ford Escort SE :( - and sorry that I haven't posted for awhile.

Unfortunately, Dad and I were going down Maiden Lane on the 25th when a woman in a 2001 Dodge Ram pickup truck didn't see us, and pulled straight across the road from Sonic in front of us. Dad was driving and threw on the brakes, but it just wasn't to be.

Truck was barely scratched, cosmetic damage, my car was totaled. Hit the front passenger side, where I was. Went slightly under the truck.

Humans are fine, sore and shook up are all.

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2013-01-20 06:35 pm

Response to: A Radical Restaurant Proposal

You'll likely want to ignore this. I think I have the cut right so it doesn't clutter up your inbox.

However, this morning I found "A Radical Restaurant Proposal" from mid-August 2011.

I have done a little waitressing. While she makes a couple of valid points, the rest has irritated me all day, but who's going to discuss an arguing thread that's almost 2 years old - except me?

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2013-01-19 06:09 am

Friendship has it's ups and downs

Even after a good night's sleep, a little hurt over some actions last night and a trend in my closest friends seeming to pull away from me and possibly each other.

Can't do anything about it today, possibly consider whether to say something, or concentrate on other friends.

Take care today,
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2012-12-25 03:48 pm

Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas everyone! :)
Hope today or yesterday is/was a fantastic day and brought you great joy.
Please stay safe and warm.
(somehow we missed the snow - but Baby, It's Cold Outside)
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2012-12-05 07:58 am
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Is there anyone who is doing a DecNoWriMo?

I ended up with 14042 words for Nano :).

However, I can't find anything organized and current for DecNoWriMo. Not DecEdMo.

I have a tendency to put my writing last, and I am losing my momentum from NanoWriMo. I have stories and scenes in my head, just not on paper or onscreen :(.

I hear of people doing personal DecNoWriMos and ones from last year and before, but there doesn't seem to be any organized group that is doing it this year.

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2012-12-01 07:44 am

I ended Nano with 14042 words, which is a good thing :)

I haven't ever had this many words at the end of Nano, so I'm happy. Still have a good story, and want to keep it going.

I would like to do some more nanos, looking for at least a DecWriMo.

One of my worst writing habits is not finishing a story, so I'm looking for accountability and partners to hold my feet to the fire to finish this one and some others. If you have conquered this bad habit, that and of not posting your stories, how did you do it?
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2012-11-23 07:30 am

Wonderful thanksgiving and nanowrimo

Hi :).

Had a wonderful thanksgiving. Saw my cousin and her husband, whom we get to sit down and have a good chat with once a year on turkey day. Nice dinner and a lovely visit. Then last night there was a raccoon - possibly preggers - at our back door chowing down on the outside kitty's food. We have had possums several times in the past, but rarely a raccoon, and the river is at least a half-mile from here.

Yesterday I started with 10673 words in Nanowrimo. I wrote some in the car going back and forth, but haven't typed them in yet. I don't know if I'll win, but this is already many more words than I've ever written before for Nanowrimo, so I'm happy. Still going to see how much I can plug in this week!
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2012-11-06 06:12 am

Americans, GO VOTE!!! If you haven't already. That is all.

Americans, GO VOTE!!! If you haven't already. That is all.

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2012-11-03 07:58 pm

Fun thing about Nanowrimo and other wrimos.

One of the fun things about Nanowrimo is that it also stimulates ideas for other stories. Yes, I've just about written my daily goal, but on scenes from at least two other stories :).

Keep writing!

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2012-10-05 11:53 am

Frustrated - sleep problems

I have a recurring problem of falling asleep at night when I'm not supposed to, and then waking up in the early morning hours. It's a badly broken sleep, which does nothing good for me. Happened again last night/this morning, which prompted this post.

Very embarrassing, especially when I'm chatting, and annoying, because usually I'm working on something that has to be done.

So, once again, I'm very tired this morning, and no studying or posting or organizing/cleaning got done yesterday. I wrote maybe 1/2 a page before I fell off, and this is my main BIW week, so not what I wanted to have happen at all. It never is. I don't like it happening, so if I ever fall off while talking to you, I apologize.

Good thing I'm not driving this morning. Time to finish up because we have to leave soon, and I want some Heidi time. It's chilly out there today!

Have a good day :),
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2012-09-04 06:46 am

Hello :)

No, I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth. Things have been fairly routine around here.

We are still waiting for all of our stuff that was pulled from Grandma and Grandpa's house after the tornado to be returned. Still have only one car now, with all the scheduling mess that comes with that.

Good news is we changed back to our old vet, and Heidi is doing much, much better.

I am currently working half a day twice a week doing cleaning at a nearby Christian Church.

I have inherited the position of lead teacher of the kindergartners on Sunday mornings. I am now half of the librarian position at Choral Society. I have started a Latin class, with an eye towards joining Nova Roma and possibly becoming the Governor of my Province next year.
I was also just asked the other night to help as a newcomer greeter of one of my BIAW groups. I'm privileged to be asked to do all this :).